faq debt collection

You invoice is unpaid and you want to know what to do?

Have you send a reminder letter via post of mail? Have you called the debtor already? It is important that you can proof that you did remind the debtor. You can also send a reminder via Whatsapp. Double blue means that he read the message. If that doesn’t help send a final notice. But before you do all this consult an expert. A real expert will save you time and money.

For a free consult with a debt collector from Straetus just click here.

Unpaid invoice and no contract?

Yes. This happens a lot. No you are not the first. And yes you are entitled to get paid. (depending on the country you are from). But you need to proof that there is an actual order. And also: from the person with the right authority. Yes sometime debtors feel save because there is no clear obligation to pay. BUT…  this does not always hold in court.  Consult an expert for a real estimation. A real expert will save you time and money. For a free consult with a debt collector from Straetus just click here.

Unpaid invoice.. How to collect

Many companies outsource their invoice management to Straetus. Straetus takes care the clients invoice management. Meaning: sending reminder – final notices- debt collections.. Straetus undertakes appropriate steps at any time. What kind of profile debtor/ client/ product are involved. Straetus knows to collect efficient and effective. Our goal is to reduce our clients Days Sales Outstanding. Click here to learn more about DSO

Unpaid invoices what can I do?

We always ask our clients: is this a new client if no did this happen before. Is there an argument about the goods or services. Just some random questions. But best you can do: call Straetus and ask for a free consult with a debt collector specialist. Find our contact details here.

Can unpaid invoices be written off

I most of the countries we work the answer is yes. But in many European countries for example you need to ask for approval. The tax authorities will ask you if you really did everything within your power to collect. Just writing is off is not always right if you want to claim back VAT or other taxes.

Can I sue for unpaid invoice

Of course you can. What you do is getting an official legal title. A verdict. Straetus can help you with this.

Are unpaid invoices tax deductible

No they are not. Unpaid invoices are not deductible. You need to write the unpaid invoice off first.

How to collect unpaid invoices

Straetus advices there clients to have a clear collection procedure in place. And stick to the procedure. A good credit management procedure takes all possibilities in account. If this then that. One advice: Do not send more than 3 reminders. Reminder 3 is a final notice and after you send this and if the debtor did not respond: Send the unpaid invoice to a debt collector.

Straetus takes care of these procedures on behalf of their clients as well. We agree on a collection plan for all invoices. Which actions are suitable and when.

Also take into account that also the world of credit management is changing fast. You need to stay ahead of your debtor. Ask for a free consult to learn more about invoice management and debt collection.